Values and Commitment

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Founding Principles of Wohlford Consulting:

I believe that democracy is most effective and responsive at the local level.  Citizens have individual access and influence at the local level that is not present at other levels of government.  While sometimes problematic for officials that must respond to unreasonable (and sometimes downright strange) inputs from the public, the democratic process works best at the local level.  In whatever way possible, Wohlford Consulting is committed to serving my clients well, and by extension the citizens my clients represent.  I am proud of my contributions.

In all aspects of my day-to-day work practices, I adhere to principles of Quality and Ethical consulting:

  • Personal and Professional Integrity and Honesty

  • Fairness and Propriety

  • Technical and Procedural Accuracy

  • Workload Control

  • Client-Centric Focus

  • Customer Service