Chad Wohlford, MPPA

Chad Wohlford has evaluated government costs and operations for over 36 years, including 24 as a private consultant.  I specialize in cost analysis, with particular expertise in the cost-based analysis of building fees.  My work has been cited as case examples in the second edition of the seminal building fee text, Establishing Building Permit Fees (Bouse, 2005), published by the International Codes Council. 

Chad Wohlford also served for 12 years as a dedicated public servant at the city, county, state, and federal levels.  My management, operational, and analytical experience from “inside” government made me very knowledgeable in the functions, environment, and financing of various local government disciplines. 

My educational background includes:
Master of Public Policy and Administration, California State University, Sacramento
Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science / Public Administration / Psychology, California Polytechnic State
University, San Luis Obispo.

In addition to my rewarding consulting practice, I cheer on my son in high school soccer, try to keep track of my daughter at Cal Poly SLO, and worry about my other daughter as she serves as an EMT and prepares for medical school.  When I have the time, I enjoy fly fishing, boating, cycling, and a variety of other outdoor pursuits.


(916) 205-7050

Your Consultant makes all the difference!

A consulting firm is only as good as the consultants assigned to your project. The experience of the firm doesn't help you if the experienced staff are back in the office or working for someone else, while junior staff are gaining their experience on your study.

With Wohlford Consulting, the only consultant assigned to your project will be Chad Wohlford, MPPA.  I personally complete all technical and project management tasks related to each study.  Only in special cases is work completed by subsidiary team members or subcontractors, which is limited to basic external data collection or entry.

The assignment of a single consultant to conduct all project activities is a great advantage to my clients, as it ensures:

  • Consistent and stable approach, methodology, and style across all departments, divisions, tasks, and other aspects of the study.

  • No worries about communication breakdowns, inefficiencies, time delays, “trainee” errors, consultant “reassignment,” or other problems that arise when multiple consultants of varying experience and skill work on the same project or corporate priorities outweigh customer success.

  • The person (me) who presents the results to the departments, City Council, Board of Supervisors, Board of Directors, interest groups, or the public, will be the same person who conducted the analysis, thus enhancing the credibility of the study and the quality of the presentations.

Ultimately, you can rest assured that you will have only the highest quality and most experienced consultant working on everything.